06.11.2012 | Chisinau, Republic of Moldova

Workshop "Science Evaluation as prerequisite for promoting Excellence in Research" – conclusions

On November 6, 2012, the Academy of Science of Moldova hosted the workshop "Science Evaluation as prerequisite for promoting Excellence in Research" with international participation, including EU and Eastern Partnership (EAP) countries. The main objective of the workshop was to disseminate the best practices on science evaluation in order to promote a common vision of evaluation activities.

In the light of the emerging new EU framework program “Horizon 2020”, promotion of excellence in science is based entirely on responsible research and innovation philosophy, including funding on competitive basis. Under these circumstances, evaluation activities are of paramount importance for providing an adequate framework for the whole project management cycle. These activities are subjected to diverse challenges, the most relevant of which are the following:

  • Establishing of adequate evaluation procedures, making sure they are transparent and known to all the interested parties;
  • Building of extended expert’s data basis in order to cover the whole spectrum of research areas;
  • Internationalization of evaluation procedures, especially in the case of countries with small scientific communities.
  • A permanent need to improve evaluation procedures and practices by maintaining a continuous communication between all the entities at the international level.

Taking these challenges as general for most of the EAP countries represented at the workshop, the participants have agreed on the following:

  1. In order to establish an acting network of entities involved in research evaluation, the EAP national bodies responsible for project management and evaluation activities (national bodies) will perform concerted actions aimed on concluding bilateral agreements of collaboration;
  2. The national bodies will align their evaluation procedures to the ones applied by EU Commission and best practices of EU member states;
  3. The national bodies will provide access to their pool of experts on reciprocal basis;
  4. The national bodies will establish a permanent platform for STI policy dialogue and networking to take full advantage of the new opportunities in ERA and Horizon 2020.

These agreements will be made public to the scientific communities and will serve as a starting point for following collaborative actions.

Download: Press release in Romanian language and workshop presentations in English

Source: Moldovan Academy of Sciences